General services, Pricing & Fees


General services, Pricing & Fees

General services

  • Beyond standard legal services, we offer unique expertise in board chairing and comprehensive legal secretary services. Your company’s legal processes are in capable hands.

Understanding corporate governance standards is our forte. For international companies venturing into South Africa, we provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring seamless compliance.

Bill of Rights: Rights within South Africa’s legal framework are fundamental. We decipher the nuances, especially for international companies, guaranteeing a deep understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

Our expertise extends from drafting meticulous contracts and agreements to in-depth analysis. Every detail is scrutinized, ensuring your contracts are legally sound and protective of your interests.

Comprehending labor regulations in South Africa is complex. For international businesses, we provide profound insights, ensuring your workforce management adheres to all legal requirements.

Navigating administrative legal processes demands precision. We offer expert guidance, ensuring your administrative dealings are smooth, efficient, and legally impeccable.

Sometimes, legal matters need resolutions beyond the traditional legal system. We specialize in alternative dispute resolution, offering innovative solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Sustainability Advisory: Environmental sustainability is paramount. We provide advisory services, ensuring your business aligns with environmental regulations. For international companies, understanding South African environmental rights is central to our approach.

POPIA, Data Protection: In the digital age, safeguarding data is crucial. We specialize in Information Technology Law, focusing on compliance, data protection and training. For international entities, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of data-related rights in South Africa.

Advocating for social justice and human rights is at the core of our ethos. We champion causes, ensuring that your business practices align with ethical, just, and socially responsible standards.

Need legal consultants and advisors?

Zenith innovates away from traditional law firm models, providing business with swift, commercially viable legal solutions at more competitive rates.

Specialised solutions

Labour Brokers and Temporary Employment Services

  • Consultation on Regulations and Compliance
  • Training for Employers and HR Personnel on Effective Utilization

The Contract of Employment (Employment Contracts)

  • Drafting, Review, and Consultation on Employment Contracts
  • Training for Employers on Contractual Best Practices

Rights and Duties of Employers and Employees

  • Comprehensive Training Workshops for Employers and Employees
  • Consultation on Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Basic Conditions of Employment Act

  • In-Depth Training on BCEA Regulations and Compliance
  • Consultation on Implementation Strategies for Employers

Unfair Labour Practices (Consultancy)

  • Legal Consultation on Identifying and Addressing Unfair Labour Practices
  • Mediation and Resolution Services

Employment Equity – Unfair Discrimination

  • Consultation on Employment Equity Policies and Compliance
  • Training Programs Promoting Non-Discrimination in the Workplace

Employment Equity – Affirmative Action

  • Consultation on Affirmative Action Strategies and Compliance
  • Training on Implementing Affirmative Action Plans


  • Consultation on Legal Procedures for Dismissals
  • Training on Ethical Dismissal Practices for Employers

Transfer of Business

  • Legal Consultation on Business Transfer Regulations
  • Assistance in Smooth Transition and Compliance Procedures


  • Consultation on Strike Regulations and Legal Implications
  • Training for Employers on Managing Strikes Effectively

Collective Bargaining and Organizational Rights

  • Legal Consultation on Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Assistance in Negotiations and Compliance Procedures

At Zenith Legal Consultants, our Appropriate Dispute Resolution services are designed to offer swift, fair, and legally sound solutions. Whether through mediation, arbitration, or chairperson services, we ensure that disputes are resolved efficiently, allowing parties to focus on their core objectives without prolonged legal battles. Our expert legal secretaries further streamline the process, ensuring all documentation is accurate, timely, and in compliance with legal requirements.

Mediation Services

  • Professional Mediation for Workplace, Commercial, and Civil Disputes
  • Expert Mediators Ensuring Fair and Efficient Resolutions


  • Comprehensive Arbitration Services for Business Disputes
  • Impartial Arbitrators Ensuring Binding and Fair Decisions

Chairperson Services

  • Experienced Chairpersons for Disciplinary Hearings and Dispute Resolution Meetings
  • Fair and Objective Decision-Making Ensured

Legal Secretary Services

  • Skilled Legal Secretaries Assisting in Dispute Resolution Documentation
  • Efficient Handling of Legal Correspondence and Administrative Tasks

At Zenith Legal Consultants, our Corporate Governance services are designed to ensure that your organization operates ethically, transparently, and in full compliance with legal requirements. We provide tailored solutions to enhance board effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and overall governance practices, fostering an environment of trust and integrity within your organization.

King IV Implementation

  • Expert Guidance on Implementing King IV Code Principles
  • Tailored Strategies for Effective Corporate Governance Structures

Regulation and Compliance

Thorough Analysis of Regulatory Requirements and Compliance Standards

Customized Compliance Programs to Ensure Adherence to Legal Frameworks

Board and Director Training

  • Specialized Training Sessions for Board Members and Directors
  • In-Depth Workshops Covering Corporate Governance Best Practices

Corporate Governance Consultancy Services

  • Policy Development: Crafting Robust Corporate Governance Policies Aligned with Industry Standards.
  • Board Evaluation: Comprehensive Evaluations to Enhance Board Performance and Decision-making.
  • Ethical Frameworks: Establishing Ethical Guidelines and Codes of Conduct for the Entire Organization.
  • Risk Management: Implementing Effective Risk Management Strategies to Safeguard Business Interests.
  • Conflict Resolution: Expert Mediation and Resolution Services for Internal Conflicts and Disputes.

Drafting Contracts

  • International Contracts: Expertly Crafted Agreements Tailored for International Transactions, Ensuring Cross-Border Legal Compliance.
  • Local Contracts: Comprehensive Agreements Reflecting Local Laws and Regulations, Guaranteeing Legal Soundness.
  • Personal Contracts: Customized Contracts for Personal and Professional Engagements, Crafted with Precision.

Contract Review and Analysis

  • Thorough Evaluation of Existing Contracts for Legal Compliance, Identifying Ambiguities, and Ensuring Adherence to Relevant Laws.
  • In-Depth Contract Analysis to Uncover Potential Risks, Offering Strategic Recommendations for Enhancing Legal Protection.

Remedies for Breached Contracts

  • Expert Guidance on Appropriate Remedies Following Breach, Offering Legal Counsel on the Best Course of Action.
  • Pursuit of Damages, Specific Performance, or Contract Termination, Based on Comprehensive Legal Assessment.

Improperly Obtained Consensus

  • Misrepresentation: Legal Assistance in Cases of Fraudulent Misrepresentation in Contracts, Ensuring Legal Remediation.
  • Duress: Expert Handling of Contracts Entered Under Duress, Ensuring Resolution and Legal Protection.
  • Undue Influence: Identification and Resolution of Contracts Influenced by Unlawful Means, Safeguarding Clients’ Interests.

Transfer and Extinction of Obligations

  • Guidance on the Transfer of Contractual Obligations in Mergers, Acquisitions, or Restructuring, Ensuring Smooth Transitions and Compliance.
  • Legal Expertise in Contractual Obligation Extinguishment, Adhering to Legal Protocols and Regulations

Contract Law Consultancy Services

  • Expert Consultation on Complex Contractual Matters, Providing Insights on Legal Implications and Risk Mitigation Strategies.
  • Ongoing Support and Advisory Services, Ensuring Clients Stay Informed About Legal Developments Affecting Their Contracts.

Regulating the Internet/Electronic Communications

  • Expert Guidance on Regulatory Compliance for Internet and Electronic Communication Platforms, Ensuring Legal Adherence.
  • Strategic Advisory on Industry-Specific Regulations, Facilitating Smooth Operations within Legal Boundaries.

POPIA – Data Protection and Online Privacy

  • Comprehensive Compliance Assistance with Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) for Data Protection and Online Privacy.
  • Tailored Strategies to Ensure Businesses Adhere to POPIA Regulations, Safeguarding Customer Data and Privacy.


  • Expert Consultation and Legal Representation in Cases Related to Cybercrimes, Including Hacking, Phishing, and Online Fraud.
  • Proactive Measures and Legal Remedies to Protect Clients from Cyber Threats and Criminal Activities.

Information Security

  • Advisory Services on Information Security Policies, Ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility of Data.
  • Governance Policies Development to Safeguard Information Assets and Mitigate Security Risks.

Internet & Delict

  • Specialized Solutions for Complex Issues Surrounding Defamation on Social Media Platforms, Balancing Free Speech and Legal Protections.
  • Legal Strategies to Address Defamatory Content, Protecting Individuals and Businesses from Online Attacks.

AI and the Future

  • Professional Insights and Formulation of Strategies on AI Regulation, Focusing on Data Protection and Liability of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Future-Proofing Businesses with Legal Guidance on AI Implementation, Ensuring Ethical and Legal AI Practices.

Intellectual Property in Cyberspace

  • Legal Expertise in Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Cyberspace, Including Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.
  • Strategies to Safeguard Digital Assets, Preventing Unauthorized Use and Infringement.

Internet Service Provider Liability

  • Consultation on Internet Service Provider Liability, Clarifying Legal Obligations and Responsibilities in Various Scenarios.
  • Legal Support in Disputes and Compliance Matters Involving Internet Service Providers.


  • Legal Support for E-Commerce Businesses, Ensuring Compliance with Regulations, Contracts, and Consumer Rights.
  • Advisory on Transaction Security, Terms of Service, and Compliance with E-Commerce Laws.

At Zenith Legal Consultants, our Specialized Training Services aim to empower businesses and professionals with in-depth legal knowledge and practical skills. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions, we foster a deeper understanding of legal complexities, promoting legal compliance and excellence in professional practices.

Legal Compliance Training

  • Customized Training Programs to Educate Businesses and Employees about Legal Compliance Requirements Specific to Their Industry.
  • Interactive Workshops and Seminars Ensuring Understanding of Relevant Laws and Regulations.

Employee Rights and Duties Workshops

  • Comprehensive Workshops Detailing Employee Rights, Duties, and Obligations as Per South African Labor Laws.
  • Interactive Sessions Addressing Common Workplace Issues and Ensuring a Harmonious Work Environment.

Data Protection and Privacy Training

  • Training Modules on Data Protection Laws, Including POPIA Compliance, Ensuring Businesses Safeguard Customer Data Effectively.
  • Practical Guidance on Implementing Data Protection Policies and Ensuring Online Privacy.

Contractual Obligations and Best Practices

  • In-Depth Training on Drafting, Reviewing, and Understanding Contracts for Businesses and Legal Professionals.
  • Practical Insights on Contractual Obligations, Breach Remedies, and Best Practices in Contract Law.

Dispute Resolution Workshops

  • Workshops on Appropriate Dispute Resolution Methods, Including Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Simulated Case Scenarios and Role-Playing Exercises Enhancing Skills in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

Intellectual Property Awareness Sessions

  • Educational Sessions on Intellectual Property Rights, Including Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.
  • Guidance on Intellectual Property Protection Strategies and Preventing Infringements.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Training Programs to Raise Awareness About Cybersecurity Threats, Safe Online Practices, and Identifying Phishing Attempts.
  • Practical Tips to Prevent Cybercrimes and Safeguard Sensitive Information.

Corporate Governance and Ethics Workshops

  • Workshops Focusing on Implementing Ethical Business Practices and Corporate Governance Standards.
  • Case Studies and Discussions Enhancing Understanding of Ethical Decision-Making and Governance.

International Business Protocols

  • Training on International Business Etiquette and Protocols, Facilitating Smooth Interactions with International Clients and Partners.
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training for Effective Communication and Relationship Building.

Environmental Sustainability Workshops

  • Comprehensive Training on Environmental Laws and Sustainability Practices, Helping Businesses Minimize Environmental Impact.
  • Strategies for Achieving Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Business Operations.

Social Justice and Human Rights Awareness

  • Workshops Highlighting the Significance of Social Justice and Human Rights in Business Operations.
  • Strategies for Promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Within Organizations.

Pricing & fees

Hourly Rate:

Services are billed at R1300 per hour.

Clients are billed for the actual time spent on the services.

Monthly Retainer

Clients pay a fixed fee of R25,000 per month.

This fee covers a predetermined number of hours of consulting services each month.

Any additional hours beyond the agreed retainer are billed separately at the hourly rate of R1300.


For specific projects, clients are billed a flat fee of R11,000.

This fee covers all services related to the project, regardless of the actual time spent.

Any additional services or scope changes outside the project’s initial agreement are billed separately at the hourly rate of R1300.

Training Sessions:

R8,000 per full length training course for your entire company and organisation. Price points will vary on chosen package.